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I am a perfectionist in most everything I do. When it comes to vehicle care, cleanliness is truly next to godliness. It may really be a myth, but I honestly feel that a clean car just simply runs better. I am proud of my near obsession with attention to detail.

$99 detail specials are just fine, if you enjoy shiny new scratches in your paint and 3 gallons of Armor-All on your dashboard. That's not what I do. I spend HOURS on each car. This is a true labor of love. If you love your car, don't spend $99 on your $50,000 ride. Or your $5,000 ride for that matter. A good detail should be done at least once a year to keep interior and exterior surfaces protected from the elements (and your Starbucks cup).

I have been detailing exotics and high-end cars now for years. I prefer to detail by hand, but when there is a need for the orbital buffer, I have the right equipment. All of my supplies are professional-grade and meticulously cleaned after every use.


Hand wash, clay bar, paint correction, compound and finishing - starting at $300. Engine detailing available. Wheel damage correction, custom powdercoating, and paintless dent repair are also available through my network of contacts.


I go the extra mile here because your car's interior health can affect YOUR health. When possible, your seats come out of the vehicle, and all carpeted surfaces are shampooed, deodorized, and vacuumed. Every surface is cleaned, wiped, and protected with the proper leather, vinyl, wood, or metal solution. Interior cleaning and protection starts at $100.

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